Frequently asked questions about our new name

Why did you change your name?
Our #1 goal has always been to be there for you — our valued community of families, doctors, and therapists. Thousands of children and their families have benefitted from our personalized, life-changing care, and we needed a new name that better reflected our mission and passion.

What does Elemy mean?
Much like elementary education, Elemy provides foundational support for families throughout the autism care journey. We partner with you to provide fundamental building blocks so your child can thrive. As a personal name, Elemy embodies the real connection we build with every family, exemplified in the empathetic care we provide.

Will the care change?
No, the quality care you’ve come to expect from us will remain the same. 

Do you have a new website? 
We’ve updated our website, but our old Sprout URL will redirect to our new Elemy address. We’re getting rid of complicated URLs; we’re simply Elemy, so you can find us easily.

Are all email addresses changing?
We are updating our email addresses and URLs to simpler Elemy versions, but all prior Sprout emails and URLs will redirect. If you use these Sprout emails or URLs while you’re getting used to the new Elemy versions, rest assured that you’ll still connect with us. 

How do I access Parent360 and other tools?
These tools will remain the same. You can still access them through the old Sprout URLs, and you’ll be redirected to the new Elemy addresses.

Will the billing process change?

No, the billing process will remain the same.

Do I need to fill out new forms?

No, you don’t need to fill out any new forms or register for any new tools.