To our community, 

Over the past year, we’ve built an incredible company with a mission to change the landscape of autism care for children in the U.S. who need better access to high-quality, safe, and effective therapy. 

Our #1 goal has always been to be there for you — our valued community of families, doctors, and therapists. As we’ve grown, we needed a name that better reflected our mission and passion. 

So today, we’re excited to introduce you to our new brand name — Elemy! 

Much like elementary education, we offer the fundamental building blocks to help children thrive. Elemy represents the foundational support we give families at every step of the autism care journey. 

While our name is changing, our promise to our patients, care providers, and clinical partners remains the same: We are here for you throughout the process and will continue to support you through every milestone along the way. 



⁠⁠Yury Yakubchyk, Jr. 
Founder & CEO

For questions, please visit our FAQ page or contact our team at (833) 458-0386 or